The artgroup currently offers different workshops separated in different age groups:

  • 4 to 7 years old Infants Schools
  • 7 to 11 years old Juniors School
  • secondary schools
  • adult workshops
  • one-to-one tuition
  • PPA school cover
  • performances for children, adults and private events

We offer sessions to local schools or groups in combined or singular arts, combining languages with art using French and Spanish, including workshops for children in infants, junior and secondary schools.

artichoke currently runs integrated arts classes for children at Davigdor Infant and Somerhill Junior schools in Hove, as well as physical theatre classes for children and adults at Westhill Community Centre, and occasionally for adults at Brighton Dome.

The integrated arts classes centre on a theme colour, perspective, structure or materials for example. A typical class will begin with a warm up, then follow the thread of the theme, starting in physical theatre, connecting to music and on to creative tasks in fine art.

The physical theatre classes take students through a creative process in which they are the authors as well as the performers in their own pieces. Taking physical movement and improvisation as the primary impulse for creating stories, the process works through stages with the words finally coming at the end of the creative process. This method, originally created by Jacques Le Coq, opens performers and creators up to more diverse ways of creating characters and plot lines.

Both classes give students the chance to have their work shown to the public through exhibitions and live performances classes are available for both children and adults.

children being taught integrated arts in the workshop classroom