Physical space is a workshop that focuses in a return to the basics of theatre, without the use of make up and with neutral costume. It is based on a return to the origin, the empty space, and in evaluating our body as the first tool of creation in empty space.

We explore impulses and directions, physical gestures and their meaning. We develop the use of movement as a synthesis and as means of expression to recreate characters, situations and spaces. It intends to explore the environment (materials, colours, elements, sounds) and create narratives through play where the theatrical text is created from the action itself.

The group is directed by the actress and teacher Florence Leon, James de Malplaquet is the sound design teacher and Solange Leon is the voice teacher.

The yearly course consists of:

  • improvisation games
  • recognition of space and initial uses
  • presence
  • impulses and directions
  • elements in movement and in characters
  • materials
  • words and phonetics
  • colours and plastic space
  • animals
  • larvarian masks
  • primitive masks
  • theatre of objects
  • minimum space
  • characters
  • conteur mimee
  • comics
  • human comedy
black and white photograph of a clown with a face mask on that makes his nose really big, as it sticks in the air black and white image of teacher acting out physical theater