The integrated arts course aims to develop analytical, emotional and physical intelligence in creative fields to build confidence and develop means of expression in a safe and fun environment.

The focus of the Integrated Arts lessons is to provide the children with a wide understanding of Arts as a language, and not only as isolated craftwork. We develop subjects on a research basis, where each child starts their own learning journey, and applies their discoveries creatively in multiple, connected artistic fields. The course offers children a chance to rediscover, reflect and reinvent their everyday environment, placing themselves within it.

The course is founded in the relationship between physical theatre, music and fine arts. The apparently invisible connections between these three areas of study are brought to the fore, offering children the opportunity to enrich their abilities, understanding and creativity. We aim to reconnect with the idea of art, and the artist, as a multi-faceted idea, with surprising and fulfilling results; for the children, for the parents, and even for us the teachers. A very strong sense of group develops through our work, both for the children and the adults.

It includes modules such as:

  • physical spatial awareness
  • representation of space
  • lines & structures
  • composition and balance
  • observational drawing
  • portraits
  • surrealism
  • the sound and movement of colour
  • sound design
  • applied materials amongst others
children being taught integrated arts in the workshop classroom children being taught integrated arts in the workshop classroom